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What is CCF?

CCF stands for “Closed Cavity Façade”. CCF distinguishes itself from other double-skin façade products in that the cavity between the inner and outer glass is sealed and ventilated. Through ventilation a dust and moisture free cavity is created.

How it works

From a centralized plantroom in the building the conditioned air of the CCF-Compressor is distributed to the cavity. The compressor ensures even pressure and flow rate avoiding any risk of condensation or staining.

The MGT CCF Compressor

Rather than using regular compressors, where pressure and air flow is fixed. The MGT CCF compressor features variable pressure and air flow. Through this variable function the MGT CCF compressor provides the exact amount of air that the façade needs and nothing more, leading to significantly less energy consumption than standard ventilation systems.

All steps within the processing system are monitored with precision sensors and can be uploaded to the "MADER Cloud". In turn, trends and abnormalities can be detected quickly leading to an increase of the system availability.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lasting design
  • Worldwide service
  • Cloud connected
  • Less Recurring Maintenance
  • Less repairs needed


The MADER MGT CCF compressor system is the most energy efficient CCF compressor system available. We operate our Roche Building 1 (a 38.800 m² façade building) in Basel, Switzerland at an average consumption of approx. 4.6 kW. The use of the MGT system in our latest building projects "Building 2 and pRED Innovation Center" was therefore our preferred option.

Fa. Hofmann-La Roche AG


*compared to conventional compressor systems


~ Mio. kWh

each year*

~ tons

of CO2
less per year*

*compared to conventional compressor systems


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